Monday, November 19, 2018

Dial N for Naked: The Nudie Age of Comics By X-Men Exosquad Producer Will Meugniot Is Live on Amazon!

The conceit of this faux History of the Nudie Comics is that, when faced with censorship and threats to the distribution of their publications, the comic book publishers returned to their roots of selling under-the-counter items such as Nudist, Art and Spicy magazines by offering new racy artwork on the covers of select issues. Like the covers of those vintage items, the doctored covers I’ve done here offer the promise of nudity rather than full on, full frontal nakedness.

In my imagined timeline, comic book moguls experimented with ‘the nudies’ as far back as the early 1940s, with increased activity through the 1950s. Those days, the ‘mature’ buyer knew what to ask for from under their local candy store’s counter. Then, the era of ‘the nudies’ came to an abrupt end in the 1960s when the hidden middle comic in many 3 for a quarter comic book bags was found to be a ‘nudie’!

The inspiration for this book came to me by accident. I was looking at some online scans of the first comic books I’d purchased as a child and found Detective Comics #275 cover-featuring ‘The Zebra Batman’.  Its bold composition with a large Batman figure covered in zebra stripes at the center and Robin exclaiming from the foreground, “G-Get back everyone! Batman’s become a menace!” seemed ripe for a parody with a new and even more outrageous Batman variation substituting for the existing stripy one. What I came up with was ‘The Nudist Batman’. Using Photoshop I removed his costume and gave the naked hero the modesty-shielding word balloon, “Free at last!” It proved surprisingly popular on Facebook with hundreds of likes and many, many shares.

That got me thinking it would be fun to do a collection of ‘nudie covers’, but avoiding copyrighted characters by focusing on public domain sources -- so, I did!

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