Saturday, June 17, 2017

Casting Call for James Coburn! A Slightly Blue Tale Of Old School Hollywood:

It's Showbiz Saturday with (L to R) me, DIC's wonderful voice director Marsha Goodman and the effervescent James Coburn. Chatting after the recording, Coburn mentioned that he kinda enjoyed doing voice work and to keep him in mind. (Warning: If you're easily offended stop reading now.) So, 6 years later, when I was doing Spy Dogs and we had an episode that needed a 60s manly man to play against Adam West, I had our casting guy give Coburn's agent a ring to offer him the part at double scale (a big hit for an indy studio like Saban, a tad less than 3 grand, if I recall correctly). The agent (whom I visualized as being very much like Jesse White) listened to our offer and turned it down with: "Mister Coburn does not get up to take a piss for less than $10,000." Old Time Hollywood, gotta love it.

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