Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Masked Mayhem Presents Must Have Magazines of the 1960s: Modern Monsters #2!

The Masked Mayhem has just unleashed the newest of his must have magazines of the 1960s: Modern Monsters #2.
(The Masked Mayhem intro to Modern Monsters #2 alongside that amazing cover.)
MM #2 was a different sort of monster magazine, and everything from its shockingly simple, bright green and purple cover featuring a verdant Dracula juxtaposed with a bright yellow Bat Signal to its coverage of James Bond screamed of its modernity – 1966 style.

(The inside front cover and title page of the vintage mag.)
 The unpainted cover, coming in an era when paintings were the norm for the genre, was just the tip of the editorial iceberg. Modern Monsters delighted in being different. The editors gloried in stressing the magazine’s new, modern take on the genre. Puns were out, facts were in. The articles were serious in tone. The pictures were run large with no text defacing them. And the page layouts were simple, clean and clear.

(Two pages of Modern Monsters James Bond coverage.)
 The subjects covered in MM #2 include:

(Things to Come and Flash Gordon get the MM treatment -- big pictures without all that annoying text.)
 Nick Adams in an exclusive four page interview,  extensive coverage of AIP’s genre output with many stills featuring Vincent Price and the other horror stars, four pages of James Bond content, a hefty ten pages spent on Batman on TV and in the serials, ten lavishly illustrated Dracula pages, a slick paper Horror of Dracula pullout poster, six pages on the worlds of tomorrow with great stills from Metropolis, Flash Gordon and the then-new Creation of the Humanoids, a shockingly good and thorough look at The Bride of Frankenstein with some terrific stills, ten pages about the Universal monster movies that had just been released to TV, and one page features about the movie serials, silent movies and fan art – this issue’s fan artist being future genre star, Ed Naha. Eighty-eight pages in all.

(The Bride!)
 Plus, we’ve added over a dozen new color pages to our digital edition. If you’ve ever wondered what you would have gotten from the ads at the back of you magazine, we’ve got a special feature just for you. 
(Modern Monsters' back cover paired with the first page of our newly created bonus content.)

(Two pages of our AIP bonus material.)
 If you're ready for a great blast from the past, just click on the cover below to see Modern Monsters #2 on Amazon.
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