Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Amazing Return of The Masked Mayhem & The Almost Unseen Art of Will Meugniot

Sorry to have disappeared on you for the last 3 weeks, but I’ve been engaged in creating my most massively ambitious  e-book yet: The Masked Mayhem Presents The Almost Unseen Art of Will Meugniot, a 500 page collection of my sketches, designs, comic art, pin ups and TV presentation pieces – many never before published in any form. 

(You can judge this book by its cover.)
The drawings range from the roughest of rough layouts to polished TV art, never before seen outside animation studio and network conference rooms. 

(The first two pages.)
Here is a mini-gallery of a small fraction of its pages: 

(Some live action TV presentation art.)

(A future comic book, perhaps?)

(My new eco-heroes, The Enviro-Men.)

(You know there has to be some Rainbow popping up in any compilation of my art.)

(Not to mention her team, The DNAgents.)

(Part of an OVA pitch.)

(A sneak peek at The Treasure Team, a new comic feature.)
 Hope you’ve enjoyed the tour. Just click on the image below to see it in all its glory on Amazon, and should it so please you, you could even buy a copy!

Buy it here!


  1. I am well pleased with my copy! One can never have enough of great art to soak in and marvel at, by a great, and marvelous artist! Flock to get your copy!

  2. I decided to pull my Amazon product, so those of you who got copies -- congratulations and thnaks!