Thursday, September 1, 2016

Photobomb Friday: At least He Didn't Go Blind!

Today's still is from Eddie Romero's Brides of Blood,  a movie I first encountered on KCOP 13 Los Angeles' long forgotten Sinister Cinema, hosted by Famous Morris, played by Don Sherman. Morris was a movie agent for all of the famous monsters like Frankenstein and Dracula, and his hosting bits usually had him on the phone trying to deal with his unruly clients, rather than interacting with the particular movie being screened.

The series ran from 20 September 1975 to 26 February 1977, and is perhaps best remembered in these parts for introducing the Hemisphere and Paul Naschy films to TV in often surprisingly uncut form.
 Every once in a while a stray nipple, a bit of the nether regions, or some grindhouse gore would pop up on screen -- even on second and third airing.
 Apart from the Naschy and Philippine flicks there were some surprising Euro-thrillers as well including Night of the Sorcerers. Here's a look at its trailer:
click for video
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