Sunday, August 7, 2016

Spies, Spoofs & Super Guys! A Must Have Magazine of the 1960s

It's taken me far longer than planned to get my digital version of 1966's Dell one shot magazine, Spies, Spoofs and Super Guys ready as an e-book -- but it's just gone live.

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(The digital edition's cover)
The restoration work on its original 68 pages was grueling. The paper Dell printed on had gone to an unpleasant shade of ocher on  both copies of the magazine I worked from -- and both had some severe wrinkling from pulls at the staples.

(Left, an unrestored page -- Right, the same page digitally corrected)

This is the contents page and inside front cover as restored. As you can see, there's a lot of interesting content involving Batman, James Bond, I-Spy, In Like Flint, Matt Helm and Get Smart.

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(The inside front cover's Batman pin up and the facing table of contents)

Once I got the magazine scanned and corrected, I decided to ad another 30 pages of 1960s oriented new content, along with 3 pages of promotional material for my other magazines, which makes this issue a whopping 101 pages! Here's a look at some of the new material:

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(The last page of the Spies, Spoofs & Super Guys Quiz faces into a page about Batmania & the Batman serials)
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(Racquel Welch and her fellow she-spies of the 60s)
The result is my favorite of my magazines, and I hope you'll agree. You can get a copy for $2.99 here:

Spies, Spoofs & Super Guys on Amazon

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