Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It came From 1964: My Newest Digital Magazine Is 3-D Monsters -- Glasses NOT Included Edition!

1964’s 3-D Monsters is the one monster magazine many baby boomers really wanted as kids, but never bought. Why? It was overpriced at 50 cents when all of its competitors were 35.

(3-D Monsters from 1964 50 Cent Cover Price)
Why? Because you could never find a copy of it with those eminently swipe-able 3-D glasses still inside. So, if you look at it right, buying this digital publication without 3-D glasses is much like the 60s buying experience – no glasses included!
(Try it out with the 3-D glasses you have lying around the house: Right Eye Red, Left Eye Blue)
But now it seems as if everyone (including you, dear reader) has at least a couple of pairs of those red/blue glasses lying around from their 3-D movies and video games, and they can be used to read this digital publication’s 3-D pages.
(One of the original magazine's 42 NON-3-D pages)
There are many curious things about 3-D Monsters, not the least of which is that only 10 of its 52 pages are in 3-D, despite its inflated price tag. Also, 8 of the 10 3-D pages appear to have been shot specially for the magazine. And they are odd photos, using toys and model kits rather than live models, apart from the human hand that shows up a couple of times. One of the images even incorporates the infamous pants dropping Frankenstein novelty figure.
(Hey, is this supposed to scarifying?)

(The 3-D production is great, but the subject matter is mainly toys!)
 The editorial content includes articles about The Haunted Palace, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, The Evil of Frankenstein, Konga, and I was a Teenage Frankenstein.
(The gorgeous Phyllis Coates Slips out of her Lois Lane suit and into a... slip!)

Plus, there are random stills from older movies, including This Island Earth, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, Dracula, and The Phantom of the Opera. The book also includes what might be the most reprehensible feature ever printed in a monster magazine, Count Cagliostro’s Cannibal Cookbook. It is presented here for its historical value, but it is a truly ill advised effort.
(A page of 50s monsters, not in 3-D, but still eye-popping!)
I've also included over 15 pages of new content with this edition, including brand new 3-D pages and color promotional material from some of the featured films.
(The original magazine has a Konga feature -- not printed in 3-D, so I added a couple of 3-D Konga pages in the extras.)
(I Was A Teenage Phyllis Coates Fan! A 3-D look at the best Lois Lane is also in the bonus pages.)
As always, a good deal of time has been spent straightening and restoring the pages of the vintage magazine, every one of which is included.Click on the cover below for ordering information:
Click here for purchase information.

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