Friday, July 8, 2016

Magazines of Mayhem! The Masked Mayhem's Exciting New E-Books Are Now on Amazon

The Masked Mayhem is pleased to announce the digital release of his first two magazine-style e-books:


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 The Masked Mayhem Presents Must have Magazines of the 1960s #1 features a digital version of  Charlton Publications' 1961 funny monster film magazine, Mad Monsters #1. Among its highlights are a werewolf cover and 3 page comic story by Spider-Man's Steve Ditko, coverage of the movie versions of Konga and Reptilicus (both destined to be stars of Charlton comic books), and prerelease coverage of Mario Bava's Black Sunday and Herman Cohen's The Magic Sword -- the latter still bearing the unused title of 'Saint George and the 7 Curses'. In addition to Mad Monsters' original 64pages plus covers another two and one half pages of bonus content is included.

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The second of our new mags is The Masked Mayhem's Cliffhanger Cut-Ups. Done in the style of Monsters to Laugh With, it combines rare photos of everybody's favorite sound era serials with funny word balloons. Here's a little sample of what's inside:

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Each book is $2.99 to download through Amazon.
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