Friday, April 11, 2014

Yo Joe! My Final GI JOE Commercial Storyboard Is Now On eBay!

By the summer of 1987 it was clear that Marvel and Sunbow were parting ways. My friend and mentor, Jim Duffy had already moved over to TMS and started preproduction on The Visionaries. Plus, none of the Sunbow series including Joe, Transformers and Jem had been been picked up for new episodes, despite their stellar ratings.

Thus, I was surprised when I got the call to come over to Marvel's main office to discuss doing one final GI Joe commercial. I was assigned the storyboard for Battle Force 2000 and attacked the project with the knowledge that it might be the last time I would ever do the GI Joe team, characters for whom I cared deeply. Marvel didn't want to spend as much on this CM as the previous ones and cut the storyboard rate, so I requested the original art back as partial compensation -- and the studio agreed!

And that is how I came to own what I suspect might be the only, or one of the few, pieces of Joe commercial original art which survives today. I've decided to auction it on eBay and should you be interested in bidding on it between now and April 9th, it can be found by using the eBay search engine and looking for seller:wmineo1

And as it turns out, I did get the chance to do much more Joe-related work 23 years later, including producing a CG Joe OVA.

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