Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spider-Man Not So Unlimited

Being under contract to Universal for Exosquad and new series development left me unable to work on the early 90s animated Spider-Man, and Spidey was one of the two the Marvel characters I most wanted a shot at directing. So when the chance arose six years later to do a super low budget version of arachnid avenger with the working title Spider-Man Unlimited, I leapt at the chance. The plan was to cherry pick the best 13 issues of the first 26 Amazing Spider-Man comics, and keep the graphics as true the source material as possible, as cheaply as possible. These are my first SMU sketches done while I was wrapping up the first season of Spydogs.

But it all went in a different direction when Marvel sold Sony the movie and animation rights to the classic Spider-Man. As you might recall, rather than being the dead on faithful version I was planning, Spider-Man Unlimited wound up as a new take on the character.

Sometimes all you can do is sigh…


  1. Basically the 1960s cartoon concept done RIGHT!
    Sorry it didn't pan out.
    Any way to push it as a direct-to-dvd/bluray project?
    They're really popular now!

  2. Yeah, so am I! Michael Reaves was on board as the story editor and was totally jazzed about doing the Spidey of our youth, too.

    I retired from animation this summer, so any new Spider-Man projects aren't on my agenda. But who knows, maybe someday Marvel will grow out of their current 'cutesy' phase and start respecting their characters again. Then someone else can do it right.