Friday, March 21, 2014

Revisiting A Chiller From 38 Years Ago! My Re-Creation of The Marvel Chillers #3 Splash Page From 1976

Marvel Chillers #3, cover dated February of 1976 was my first work for a mainstream comics publisher. However, my joy at seeing it on the racks at a local Circle K store was mitigated by the knowledge that I was already out of the Marvel loop, having lost the assignment when Marvel had one of their periodic implosions.

Even worse, I'd submitted a new sexier costume design for character and and it was approved before my starting to pencil the book. But Marvel decided to keep the old design without telling me and had the inkers and production department change my drawings to put them more in line with the old costume. As you might imagine, the result was not pleasing to the eye -- well, my eye, anyway.

And thus began my long journey of love/hate with the publisher whose books meant the world to me in my youth and whose management has always found ways to suck a sizable portion of the joy out of any assignment done for them, whether it be for print or animation.

But, despite that, I suspect the splash page of that comic is the most reprinted of my drawings, and with that in mind, set out to do a recreation of sorts. This is the result:

 I thought I'd be able to blast through the drawing quickly since I'd already done the heavy lifting on it all those years ago, but the tree and vines in the background begged to differ, and the art took the better part of two days to finish! When all is said and done, I enjoyed the bittersweet process of the image's creation -- both long ago and just yesterday.

If you're interested in owning the recreation, it's now on eBay through 6PM PDT on March 25th. Here's hoping this savage she-cat can earn her keep by keeping my real life kitties in kibble.

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