Friday, March 28, 2014

It's Deja Vu -- Uh -- Deja Thoris All Over Again!

Lately I've been enjoying doing some new drawings of John Carter's Martian Princess, Dejah Thoris. Here's the first of them, drawn on the back of an old Korak page I had lying around the studio:

Edgar Rice Burroughs was a huge influence on me starting from the day I found a copy of the Ace edition of Monster Men abandoned in a vacant lot. From that one I gravitated to the Barsoom books despite Mars having notably low gravity. And here's my second recent look at the Princess of Helium, also from the back of a Korak page:

Finally, here's my most recent attempt done on an 11inch by 14inch piece of two ply Bristol Board and completed just last night:

Doing these drawings not only brings back happy memories of reading and rereading the Mars novels, but also a very special day back in 1971 when I was on my honeymoon with Jo in Hawaii. The reason? A chance meeting got us invited to the Sunset Beach home of John Coleman Burroughs, who despite being very frail was a gracious host and wonderful story teller. Not to mention his being amazingly tolerant of yet another guy in his early 20s who idolized  ERB.

And not to be too crass and commercial, from time to time you can find some of my Burroughs inspired artwork on eBay by looking up "seller:wmineo1" using their site's search engine.


  1. Fantastic stuff, Will! If I'm ever stuck for inspiration, a quick look at some of your sketches and I'm rarin' to draw again!