Saturday, February 2, 2013

30 Years Ago This Month: The DNAgents Arrive!

30 years ago this month in February of 1983, The DNAgents comic book, my co-creation with Mark Evanier, first hit the comics shops of America. It was one of the first independent comics wholly owned by its creators and one of the first successful superhero comic books not published by Marvel or DC in decades. So here’s to you, kids! With pardonable pride, here’s a gallery of images featuring Surge, Tank, Sham, Amber and fan fave Rainbow.

 Above is the cover for issue #1. The day the book came out we had a small signing at American Comics in Studio City. Mark and I were there, as were my wife Jo and shop manager, Rob Gustaveson. In fact for the first twenty minutes or so, we were the only ones there to commemorate the occasion, but then the gang from Marvel Productions showed up. Stan Lee, Jerry Isenberg, Don Jurwich, Larry Houston, Boyd Kirkland, Frank Parr, and Kent Butterworth popped in, and suddenly the day started going better. After Stan, Jerry and Don left, the rest of us hit Carney’s for celebratory chili dogs. 

 The cover above is from DNAgents #2. It's one of my favorites, particularly because it reminds me a lot of one of my favorite super-teams from the 60s, The Metal Men. 

 Dick Giordano complimented Mark on our daring use of color on issue #7’s cover. We had a little sales pop by being the only book on the racks that month whose cover went green. The color was achieved through the tricky use of surprints and red lined color holds. A lot of things were harder to pull off in those pre-Photoshop days. 

 ABOVE: The final issue I did full pencils for was #14 with its unofficial crossover with The Teen Titans. 

I’m amazed by how quickly 30 years have come and gone, and by how many people fondly remember the DNAgents.

The DNAgents are Copyright and TM Evanier and Meugniot 2013. The Masked Mayhem, related images and text are Copyright Will Meugniot 2013. 


  1. 30 years? I remember buying it and still have it - 'though it only seems about 7 or 8 years ago at most. Suddenly I feel very old indeed.

  2. Enjoyed DNAgents a lot, as well as the Crossfire offshoot.