Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Turkish Spy Smasher!

One of Republic's most popular and best serials is Spy Smasher, based on the Fawcett comic book character. Here's a little bit of their two-fisted hero in action:

Despite the serial's smashing success, it was not rewarded with a sequel, perhaps due to Republic's legal problems caused by the other Fawcett character they'd previously adapted, Captain Marvel.

However, our superhero loving friends in Turkey have made at least two Spy Smasher films, neither officially licensed, you can bet. While the quality of the surviving prints is poor, it still looks like these would be fun to watch.


Think I'm going to seek out this pair of Turkish delights!

Even though it might appear nobody cares: Kasus Kiran and Spy Smasher are copyright by their respective rights holders 2013. The Masked Mayhem Logo and text are copyright Will Meugniot 2013.


  1. HOLY MOLEY!!!Ooops!That's the other Fawcett hero!

  2. HOLY MOLEY!!!Ooops!That's the other Fawcett hero!