Sunday, January 27, 2013

Presentation Celebration, Part 2: More Designs For TV Shows That (Mostly) Didn't Get Made

Last time I shared art by me that was exclusively done for TV shows which never got made. This time I'm tossing in pieces from a couple of shows which did get made, but wound up different from the initial pitches. 

Above: One of my pieces that sold Universal's Monster Force. It was even printed in some of the trade magazines, but the show changed direction after it was handed off to others.

Below: A development sketch for an early Tansformers: Cybertron meeting:

Below: Art from a show that didn't happen. For a while Saban was toying with doing an all original US material Sentai show.

Below: OY! It's Pirate Racers from a version of Speed Racer that died a slow death in development hell after a very long option.

Below: My favorite piece from that dinosaur pitch I shared yesterday.

Below: And finally, a piece from a show that got optioned, mainly to get it off the market to avoid competing with an in house development of the studio that acquired it. Yep, stuff like that happens.

More developments to come!

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