Monday, January 28, 2013

Let's Play Today! My Mom's Creative Excercise, Squiggle!

"How do you come up with this stuff?" I get asked that all the time, as do my creative fellows. One key to thinking outside the box was handed me by my mother while I was a small child. It's the game I'm sharing with you today: Squiggle. First, someone draws a squiggle on a piece of paper -- or in this case, a tablet:

Then, that person passes the squiggle to the next, who builds a drawing around it. For example, this one suggested a Johnny Hart style face to me at first glance:

But I could have just as well done any of these from the same squiggle:

So in a matter of moments, I got a go-go dancer, a turtle, an aviatrix and Batman all from the same squiggle. Not to mention the pleasure of reminiscing about many happy childhood evenings spent around the table with my mom, sister and brother.

Feel free to print out the initial squiggle and see what you can come up with. It's fun, free, creative, and starts you thinking!

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