Friday, January 4, 2013

DC Comics' House Ads: Fuel For A Broke Kid's Imagination

One of my lasting regrets about the reprint books issued by Marvel and especially DC is that they do not include the amazing house ads which appeared with the stories. DC's art department was really cooking on theirs. The dynamic lettering of their full page ads was outstanding.

 But even better were their half page and third page ads featuring two or three covers of other current issues. Generally I could not afford the books showcased in those ads, but I had a great time imagining how awesome they were.

 The fact is, the house ads added a great deal of entertainment value to the comics in which they appeared. Hopefully someday they'll do a collection of these beauties. That's a book I'd find a way to afford.

 All of the ads pictured with this post come from the pages of 1962's Showcase #36, starring Julie Schwartz's Atom, which might explain why so many of them are for his other comics! All art is copyright DC Comics and is presented for historical use only.

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