Monday, January 7, 2013

Anyone Remember The Forgotten Indie Comic Movie Model By Day?

Believe it or not, lovely Famke Janssen's first super hero turn was not as shown above, playing the X-Men's Jean Grey, but as a lingerie clad model by day turned to a lingerie clad avenger by night!

It happened in a TV movie done in 1994 based on an indie comic. Both so obscure that I'd forgotten them, and bet you had, too: Model by Day. Have a look at the TV movie teaser:

Not a great looking costume, IMHO.

These were the days when Fox TV was young, and its movies were trying to score with comic and scifi themed projects like Nick Fury, Generation X and Doctor Who. But I was really surprised to see a pretty adult indie comic published by underground comics group Rip Off Press hit the home screen. Here's the second issue's cover:

I'd have shown you the cover to the first issue, which apart from a compilation was the only other one, but it was just a little too adult for this blog.

And check out the cast for this. Besides Famke, it features Sean Young and Shannon Tweed! Amazingly, it's not out in a region one DVD at the moment, so you'll have to hunt to find it.

Here's a longer clip of the film:

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  1. FYI, the co-writer of the movie "Joseph Loeb" is actually comic's Jeph Loeb, so that may be how this thing got made.

    I actually remember missing this when I was in high school and being mad that I did, as I think it was meant to be one of their backdoor pilot films, none of which ever actually became a series that I remember. (Fox's Doctor Who was another.)

  2. Yep, this, Nick Fury and Generation X come to mind along with Doctor Who.

  3. Just remind me that TV portrayals of women stayed stuck in the early '60's until Buffy The Vampire Slayer came along--with the possible exception of Police Woman. It was all like 'That half-naked or firm-breasted gal sure has MOXIE!' :D