Thursday, January 3, 2013

Airship 27's All Pulp Comics #2 Cover Art Story

Here's my art progression for the cover of Airship 27's second issue of All Pulp Comics. It started with submitting 3 compositions based on Editor Ron Fortier's descriptions of what he wanted in the cover, which was to feature Derrick Ferguson's Dillon and classic pulp heroine Helene from the Ki-Gor feature. Rough "C" was the unamous choice, so --

Next came the line art version. When I'm inking myself, the pencils are little more than stick figures, which is why that step is not included in the progression. Next comes the critically important step of flatting the colors. At this point the goal is to block in the basic colors and clean up the 'dirt' (eraser dust, dust on the scanner bed, improperly shaped lines, etc.). I think the flats look a lot like the finished color of a 60s comic, don't you? In this case I was fighting multiple deadlines, so my wife, Jo, did me a solid by doing that part of the work for me.
 Then came adding lighting effects, textures, airbrush and even a couple of lens flares. My part of the cover was done. At the moment Airship 27's art department is adding logos and blurbs. After that, the final, and most important step is up to you. If you like good, old school adventures, seek out and buy the book when it comes out in the next few weeks!

Characters are copyright and TM Airship 27 2013. Artwork is copyright Will Meugniot 2013

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