Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Tale of Two Jungles -- Only One Of Which I Can Tell You About

First up, here's a sneak peek at a jungle project with which I'm involved, but can't tell you much about for now. A big, lordly announcement is coming about this tropical thriller in the days to come. Until then, it's a secret, OK? No questions asked or answered. I'm looking forward to finishing this page, but to me the rough is where the real work on a drawing happens. This one was done in pencil on a 9x12 inch sketchbook page, then scaled up to comic size in Photoshop.

Now, here's the scoop on that second jungle story, the one for which I can spill the whole can of beans: One of the best, if often forgotten Jungle Man movies of all time: King Of The Jungle, starring Buster Crabbe as Caspa, the Lion Man!

Made in 1933,King of the Jungle is generally agreed to be Buster's best turn at playing a jungle hero, despite his future roles as both Tarzan and Thunda. We'll talk a lot about the Thunda serial, King of the Congo, next time, but for today, here's a clip from King of the Jungle, direct from Hollywood and Vine:

And as for my mystery jungle book -- this blog will keep you posted. At least when it can...

Art Copyright Will Meugniot 2012

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  1. I agree, Will, about roughs. It's my favorite part of drawing. The really imaginative part. The rest is technique and craftsmanship.