Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Presentation Celebration -- Art From Shows You Never Saw

In some ways, doing development art for the animation studios is one of the saddest jobs on Earth. You give a project your all and get emotionally invested with it, even though only a few pitches ever go as far as animation. The above art is from a show that got pitched to a network, who offered a mini-series of five episodes with the door open for a full 65 if the ratings warranted. However the studio for whom the pitch was done balked over the partial order, and the show never happened.

While I did a little presentation art for Filmation around 1980, I didn't get to do serious amounts of it until going to Marvel a year or so later. My first major (to me, at least) development was Iron Man as giant robot team, based on an idea Stan Lee and I co-created after trips to Japan. There's an image from it below:

We had interest from Bandai USA, but Marvel's toy guy was convinced giant robots were strictly a Japanese fad and wouldn't take off in the States. So this one never even got pitched out of house. Two years later, Transformers and Go-Bots proved that maven wrong.

Here're a few more images by me from shows that didn't happen:

Wish I could share all the stories around these, and maybe I will, another day.

The Masked Mayhem graphic and related text are copyright Will Meugniot 2013. All other images are copyrighted by their respective rights holders.


  1. Some very cool looking stuff there. A shame some if never gets past the initial stages, though.

  2. The odds of a development going all the way to series are slim. Even after in house development at a studio or network, less than 5% get greenlit.