Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Phantom Lady VS The Spider Widow: A Forgotten Cheesecake Crossover from the Golden Age of Comics

Sure you’ve heard of the Golden Age’s Human Torch and his epic battle with the Sub-Mariner, and maybe even the showdown between Captain Marvel and Spy Smasher, but what about this one: The Phantom Lady VS The Spider Widow? It spans 4 comics; 2 issues of Police and 2 issues of Feature -- and even features a third hero, the mysterious Raven!

 Part One: The Lady Gets the Bird!

Part Two: That Was No Lady, That Was My Spider Widow!

Part Three: Feuding Femme Fatales!

Part Four: Ladies, Please!

No ownership of the stories shown here is claimed or implied. Presented for historical purposes only!


  1. My favorite part of this 6-issue crossover is the "breaking the fourth wall" aspect with all three heroes acknowledging they're in comic books!
    Plus; the art, mostly by Frank Borth, is wonderful.

    BTW, if you want to see the two chapters you didn't have access to, I presented them at...

    PS: Love your comics and animation work.

    1. Thanks BrittReid! I'd read about this in a fanzine back in the 60s but finally got to see it, and loved it!