Friday, March 19, 2010

What? You Never Heard Of Bobby Bill Bob Bell?

While researching the Jaguar article, The Mayhem discovered a pre-1960 costumed character he'd never heard of, who had a regular feature in most issues of The Fly between Number One and Number Twelve!

 Introducing Bill (aka Bobby, aka Bob) Bell of the Shield's Young American Club!

Above: Strangely, in Adventures of The Fly #1, Bill Bell appeared 2 whole pages ahead of the debut of his mentor, Private Strong, The Shield.

Above:  Page one of Lancelot Strong's comic book premiere.
Above: Page two of The Shield's silver age debut.
Above: By Adventures of The Fly #5, young Master Bell became Bobby Bell. He'd later be Bob, and then Bobby, again.

Above: By issue #6 it was all down hill for Bobby Bill Bob. For the remainder of the feature's run, the art was done this crudely. Tommy Troy and The Black Hood would handle the future martial arts lessons in The Adventures of The Fly.

All the art is copyrighted by its rightful owners. The Masked Mayhem and his likeness as well as the text is copyright 2010 Will Meugniot

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