Friday, March 5, 2010

The Jaguar’s Nucleon Legacy – Pureheart, Captain Hero and Superteen!

Even though the Jaguar had lost his book and even his short features in Pep and Laugh comics, his influence was felt in the super hero versions of Archie and the gang that premiered in the mid-60s.

Once their designs sorted out Captain Hero (aka Jughead), Superteen (aka Betty), and Pureheart, the Powerful (aka Archie Andrews) all wore little rockets on their belts – just like The Jaguar’s Nucleon Belt!

Above: Owie! To transform into Superteen, Betty Cooper had to give her "magic ponytail" a twist!

Above: A more recent version of the gang by Joe Staton. Man, that Archie looks tough.

Yet another Archie super hero, Sabrina accidentally transforms her boy bud Harvey into a costumed character:

Looks like all the art in this edition is copyrighted by Archie Comics. However, the article and masked Mayhem character and likeness are coyright 2010 by Will Meugniot.

And speaking of Will, check out his other blog, The Big Yellow Stickie. New art every day Monday through Friday:

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